In April of this year the Trump Administration repealed internet privacy. Sounds scary...but what does it mean? The internet privacy policy was just signed last year and was meant to give internet users greater control over what their providers do with their data. The privacy rule required providers to get permission from its customers in order to use data information.

What kind of information?

Broadband providers have access to sensitive data such as browsing history, geolocation and even financial and medical information. They could tell you what movies you enjoy and if you like dogs.

What do they do with this information?

Previously, providers would need your permission to share or sell this information. Now they can sell this information to advertising companies so that you can be more easily targeted for marketing campaigns.

Who supported this?

The support to overturn this bill largely came from large phone, cable, and internet providers - those that benefit the most. These companies have access to so much information they stand to profit greatly.

How can you protect your privacy?

Here's a few tips on how to protect your internet privacy:

1. Choose a provider that respects your privacy.

RTC respects the privacy of its customers and currently has no future plans to collect, share, or sell your information. Let's face it - we're busy enough without having to worry about trying to figure out what shoes you've been looking at online!

2. Purchase a VPN.

A VPN is a Virtual Private Network. While this may be a great way to protect your data you're simply shifting your 'trust' from your provider to the VPN you choose. If you don't have the ability to choose a trustworthy provider this gives you the chance to do your research and choose a VPN that might offer you a little more protection.

3. Opt out of cookies and clear you cache.

Last weeks blog was about clearing your cache to clean up storage space. Clearing your cache can also help protect your internet privacy.

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