Ware will it stop?


How can you protect yourself from the endless threats, viruses, and scams? Educate yourself! Better understand the threats that are out there. RTC has recently started a SCAM page with information on SCAMs we have been notified of. Be sure to check it out! Now...what about all these 'wares' what is what and what can you do?!


We've had some experience with this ruthless and destructive 'infection' in our own community! Ransomware is an attack on a machine using loopholes. Once they get in you can be locked out of everything on your computer or device. Ransomware can be displayed as a countdown clock ask you for payment to release your computer or device back to you. As some have found out even after paying the ransom you don't always get all your information back! There are few anti-virus and firewalls that can keep you safe from Ransomware. Some good tips to protect yourself from Ransomware is to keep your devices up-to-date on system updates and to back up your important files frequently. You can back up information on an external device or even cloud space. By backing up your files you know all the information you need you have access to without having to pay a hefty ransom.


Malware is less about making money and a lot more about harm and havoc. Malware is a software that was created to damage your system. The 'mal' in malware stands for malice. Unlike Ransomware a good anti-virus program can keep you pretty safe from malware. It's also a good idea to have a reliable firewall. Malware is another great reason to keep all important information backed up.


Adware is annoying. Adware is program that was created to download and display advertising materials while you’re online. Adware are all those annoying popups. How can you avoid this annoyance? Turn on your pop up blocker! A good anti-virus isn't a bad idea either.


Spyware was designed when people realized there was money to make on the internet by acquiring your personal information. Spyware programs started by tricking you into giving up personal information or stealing it from you! You will definitely need a good anti-virus and firewall to keep spyware at bay! Educating yourself on the latest spyware scams is also a good proactive tool.

Scammers and their programming are becoming more aggressive and are smarter than ever! Investing in a good anti-virus and firewall can help keep you safe. Making sure your computer or devices are backed up and have the latest updates are also great habits to start. If you're unsure about an email, popup or anything else fishy - STOP! Stop what you are doing and call someone you trust before you click any further.

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