We're busy. Well...maybe you're not...but I am! I want to keep up to date but I don't have time to watch an hour of my local news and typically don't get a chance to read anything but the headlines in my local paper. I usually don't know if it's going to rain until it's too late! Sound familiar? Wish you could get all your local information in one place and fast? Let's take a look at 'LocalNow'.

LocalNow is a new streaming service that provides you with hyper-local weather, traffic, news, and sports. LocalNow is powered by the best content providers, delivering real-time information when and how you want it. Currently, LocalNow only covers the larger cities such as South Bend, Fort Wayne, Indianapolis - much like your local news station. LocalNow is working on making the app more granular so the information is most relevant to you! LocalNow - keeping you connected to your community.


LocalNow is a Weather Channel product so of course you can get your weather! LocalNow will give you a quick rundown of the current weather and upcoming weather in your area. You can also view a live stream of the Weather Channel right from the app!

Local News

You will see you local news headlines and 60 second of headlines from national news!


Get the top sports headlines and clips.


LocalNow will cover incidents and events that may affect your travel. They also provide a map that shows the traffic flow for your area. Since we are close to South Bend Airport you also get information on flight delays.


LocalNow has teamed up with FourSquare to show you top restaurants in the South Bend area.

Sure you might not being flying out of South Bend or running up there to eat at the 'Top Pick' for lunch but LocalNow continues to make the information it provides more relevant. LocalNow is a FREE app you can download on Android or IOS. If you are a RTC cable subscriber and you are signed up for WatchTVEverywhere(This is also FREE!) you get the LocalNow service for FREE!

You can also put in multiple locations in case you would like to keep up to date with local news, weather, and traffic in other parts of our country!

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