Caller ID Spoofing

'Scammers' have the ability to change the way information appears on your caller ID. Why do this? Sometimes they use local information (numbers, names, etc.). The idea is that since the information is familiar to you, you are more likely to answer the phone. Caller ID spoofing is not new and is only becoming easier.

One popular and more recent form of caller ID spoofing is similar phone number spoofing. Have you received calls with the same first 6 digits of your number? For example, the first six digits of my number is 317-308. On an almost daily basis I will receive calls from number such as this:




The last 4 digits are never the same. This kind of spoofing is rather sophisticated and frustrating especially if you know a lot of people with the same first 6 digits as you. Luckily for me I do not know anyone else with a 317-308 number and can easily decline these calls. These calls are impossible to 'block' as they come from different numbers all the time. Sometimes the best thing to do is let numbers you do not recognize go to voicemail.

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