Phone Scams

It is estimated that US consumers loose a whopping $7.4 billion dollars A YEAR to phone scams! That means 1 in 10 adults are victims every single year to a phone scam. Most of these scams are designed to steal your money or your identity. Some common phone scams are:

IRS Impersonation

Extended Car Warranties

"Can you hear me ok"

Free vacation or prizes

Fake charity or fundraiser

"Hey Grandma"

Tech Support

Update your account information

Lower credit card interest rate

How can you protect yourself? Here's some helpful tips:

- List your phone number with the Federal Trade Commission's Do Not Call Registry.

- Set up anonymous call rejections on your phone (*77 turns it on & *87 turns it off)

- Purchase blocking tools and services.

- If you answer a call that you suspect is fraudulent- DO NOT say anything - DO NOT push any buttons - just hang up.

- DO NOT give out personal information

- DO NOT pay upfront for a 'promise'

- DO NOT rush into action

- Checkout a charity before giving

- Carefully read all questionnaires and surveys

- Consider how they are asking you to pay them

- Educate yourself on the current scams and how they work

- Remember: You can't win a contest you never entered into

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