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RTC has the fastest speeds around. Period. New tech is developed each day to digitize much of your daily routine. But over time, adding devices to your home network leads to slower connections. With gigabit internet, you’ll be ready for anything! We also understand that one speed doesn't fit all! We offer several packages at varying rates and speeds to fit your needs.









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per month

  • Out of Exchange may require contract and construction costs, and still may not be possible in all areas. Contact us and we can have an engineer evaluate your specific situation. 

  • Many factors affect speed (including devices used). Actual speeds vary and cannot be guaranteed, but Satisfaction is guaranteed! All speeds and service are subject to availability.

  • RTC will not unjustly or unreasonably prevent or interfere with competition among content, applications, service, or device providers.

  • RTC currently only offers unlimited plans. If plans change to usage based billing in the future, customers will be notified in advance. 

  • Static IP Address Available. Call for information.



Transform your home into a wireless wonderland. Using top of the line equipment, RTC will optimize your in-home WIFI network so you can use your technology anywhere in the home! RTC recommends our Mesh Network product to achieve seemless whole home WIFI. Mesh networking deals with common WIFI problem by enabling multiple WIFI routers to work in harmony with each other. By using two or more devices, they can cover a wider range than any single WIFI access point. Technology is ever evolving - RTC is here to help.

Health Check

Sometimes you just need a check up. The majority of trouble calls we receive from our customers end up not being that the internet is not working, but that the in-home WiFi experience is not what it should be.  This can be caused by a bad router, a router being located in a less than optimal location, or load on the router is exceeding it’s capabilities.  With our WiFi health check we can determine the stress on your In Home WiFi network and remedy the situation. 


Cut the Cord

Cord-Cutting is an alternative, internet based way to stream all your TV and movie entertainment. With increasing cable costs many people are choosing to take control and cut the cord. Streaming takes a lot of bandwidth! Luckily, that's what RTC does best! Make sure you have the speed you need to stream your favorite shows! Click below to learn a little more about cord cutting and going OTT!

RTC Broadband Fiber can move as fast as you, but you have to choose the plan that is right for you and your household so that you can stream, surf and explore the world as fast as you need. Here are some links to help you decide what is right for you.  No one likes slow internet connections. If you need further assistance deciding the right plan, please feel free to call and talk with one of our highly trained customer service representatives. 

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