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Whether you want it all or just the basics, you'll find a RTC package that gets the job done! We offer three packages with the option of adding Premium channels.

25+ Channels


Local RTCtv 4 & 5

HD included!


80+ Channels

All Basic Tier Channels + more!

HD included!


135+ Channels

All Expanded Basic Tier

50 Music Channel

HD included!




Some locations may require the use of a Set Top Box. Digital Tier, HD, and Premium channels also require a Set Top Box for viewing.

TV Everywhere

All RTC cable subscribers receive TV Everywhere FREE!



Watch TV on your schedule, not the networks! Record one show while watching another or record two show at once. Our DVR lets you pause and rewind LIVE shows while you watch!


Premium Channels

RTC offers the top premium channels as al a carte! Pick up a premium channel for a season of your favorite show, keep it all year or just turn it on for that long Indiana Winter. 

STB Required - All Premium channels require a Set Top Box for viewing.






TV Everywhere

WatchTVEverywhere is a free service available to all RTC cable subscribers. WatchTVEverywhere is a form of OTT. You can watch many of your subscribed channels on the go - LIVE or OnDemand. Set up is easy!

cut the cord

Cut the Cord

Cord-Cutting is an alternative, internet based way to stream all your TV and movie entertainment. With increasing cable costs many people are choosing to take control and cut the cord. Streaming takes a lot of bandwidth! Luckily, that's what RTC does best! Make sure you have the speed you need to stream your favorite shows! Click below to learn a little more about cord cutting and going OTT!

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