Cut the Cord

Put down the scissors. You don't actually have to cut anything. 'Cutting the cord' means canceling a cable television subscription in favor of receiving video over the internet from an 'over the top' provider like Netflix, among others. A related term, 'cord shaving' involves moving to a lower cable package to save money. RTC's primary motivation is to keep our customers happy. We understand that you still want to watch TV, just differently - we're happy to help you with that!

What is OTT?

OTT stands for 'over-the-top,' the term used for the delivery of TV and movie content via the internet, without requiring users to subscribe to a traditional cable or satellite Pay-TV service.

What you need to go OTT...

1. An OTT Service​

An OTT service is the product you choose as your streaming service. Some examples of OTT services are; Netflix, Hulu, SlingTV, and Amazon Prime. These services offer On Demand and/or LIVE streaming of your favorite shows and movies.

2. A Compatible Device

A compatible device is what you will stream your shows and movies on! This can be your smartphone, tablet, smart tv, or OTT device such as; Roku, AirTV, or Amazon Fire Stick. Make sure the service you choose is compatible with the devices you have.

3. Internet Connection

You've picked your service. You've got your device. You're good to go right? Do you have the internet speed you need? To have a flawless & frustration free streaming experience make sure you have a great internet connection and enough speed to support the service and device. RTC's fast and reliable internet will get the job done.

Still not sure?

Not ready to completely cut the cord and go OTT? That's OK! You can have both traditional TV and an OTT service. RTC offers a Basic Cable package that will satisfy your local channel needs! Pair our Basic Package with an OTT service or use the FREE OTT offering from RTC. WatchTVEverywhere is available to all RTC cable subscribers free of charge. Watch your favorite channels LIVE or On Demand. Take your favorite shows on the go! Sign up is easy!

What we recommend...

Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV has two models currently - their Stick and their 4K Ultra! Both come with the Alexa enabled remote that allows you to search using Alexa Voice Control. When ordered with an Amazon account the Fire TV will automatically connect account! Amazon also offers single sign-on making logging into your apps even easier!


Roku offers several models to fit your viewing needs. Choose from economical and portable to high end models with advanced technology. Roku comes with popular apps pre-loaded but also offers a store for you to explore other OTT service options. Roku is the top streaming device in the US and has a little something for everyone.


SlingTV offers both LIVE and On Demand streaming of your favorite channels! Their core package starts at $25 a month with no contract! You can add on packages such as 'Family' and 'Sports'. SlingTV also offers premium channels like HBO! 

What's the right choice?

It's complicated. It depends a lot on what you like to watch. If you enjoy a lot of live sports, On Demand movies, and LIVE/Primetime television, subscribing to traditional cable TV might be the right choice. If your still not sure though give RTC a call - we're happy to help! Take a look at a comparison of RTC channels and OTT channels! Just click HERE!

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