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Cut the Cord, Cut Costs -

Enjoy TV on your Terms!

Put down the scissors. You don't actually have to cut anything. 'Cutting the cord' means canceling a cable television subscription in favor of receiving video over the internet from an 'over the top' provider like Netflix, among others. A related term, 'cord shaving' involves moving to a lower cable package to save money. RTC's primary motivation is to keep our customers happy. We understand that you still want to watch TV, just differently - we're happy to help you with that! 

RTC makes it easy!

RTC offers high-speed internet service that supports your laptops, tablets, mobile phones and smart devices – with enough bandwidth to stream all the shows, movies, and sport, you want.

We have a few tools to help you get the entertainment you want!

1. Get a strong, reliable internet connection

We’ve got you covered! RTC's fiber internet speeds start at 25 Mbps and go up to a Gig (1000 Mbps).

2. Select a streaming device

There are many ways to watch – from Smart TVs and gaming consoles to an array of dedicated streaming devices. 

3. Find the right streaming service for you

It's complicated so we partnered with MyBundle.TV. It depends a lot on what you like to watch. If you enjoy a lot of live sports, On Demand movies, and LIVE/Primetime television, subscribing to traditional cable TV might be the right choice.

Simply answer a few brief questions about your viewing needs and we’ll help you find the best and most economical streaming options available to you.

Still not sure?

Not ready to completely cut the cord and go OTT? That's OK! You can have both traditional TV and an OTT service. RTC offers a Basic Cable package that will satisfy your local channel needs! Pair our Basic Package with an OTT service or use the FREE OTT offering from RTC. WatchTVEverywhere is available to all RTC cable subscribers free of charge. Watch your favorite channels LIVE or On Demand. Take your favorite shows on the go! Sign up is easy!

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