RTC Peering Policy

RTC operates a regional network in north-central Indiana, covering Fulton County, Marshall County, and surrounding areas. RTC (AS393227) has an open peering policy, and will peer with networks that have a presence on mutual exchange points in accordance with the policies described below.

If you are a network operator with connectivity to a common exchange, feel free to contact us at peering@rtc1.com.


RTC uses PeeringDB as a single authoritative source of truth. This means peering partners must have an up-to-date PeeringDB entry before a bilateral peering session can be established.

RTC may use route filtering, prefix limits, and other industry standard methods to maintain reasonable security for both parties' routing tables. Both parties should have a well set-up route-set or AS-SET as well as up-to date prefix maximums defined in PeeringDB. RTC will use this data to filter routes and determine security policies.

Both parties must have an up-to-date NOC contact email, which is responsive to raised issues and concerns.

Important Notices

To ensure quality of operations, we reserve the following rights under our Peering Policy:

  • To alter our peering policy and peering requirements at any time.

  • To accept or decline a peering request at any time for any reason.

  • To suspend, without notice, peering connectivity in the event of a severe quality of service issue such as high latency, packet loss, or jitter pattern is detected and to take appropriate traffic engineering steps to maintain service quality.

  • To selectively withdraw prefixes from public IXP fabrics as needed to protect service quality.

  • To terminate any peering connection at any time without notice.

More details on PeeringDB at https://www.peeringdb.com/asn/393227.

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