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How to set up PSVue:

1. WWW.PSVUE.COM/RTC  Click on Start Streaming.

 2.  Enter the Zip Code.

3. Select the package you would like.

4. If you would like any add-on channels, please select the add-ons and then click continue.

5. Fill out the boxes:  Sign-In ID (Email Address), Create Password, Confirm Password, Enter Date of Birth and click Agree and Create Account.

6. Review your subscription and click Proceed to Checkout.

7. Enter Your Credit Card Information and click Save.

8. Confirm Purchase then click I Agree. Confirm Purchase button.

9. Click Continue and Remember to confirm in your email so you will have access to PSVue.

10.  You are already to sign in start watching. You may Activate Devices or start Watching Now. You may also sign out in upper right hand corner.  You will use the username (email) and password anytime you need to log into PSVue whether that is online, on a smart TV or on a streaming stick. 

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