Cyber Weapon: NotPetya

You may have seen this funny name on the news recently 'NotPetya'. it has been recently determined that NotPetya is not Ransomware and not just another malware but actually a Cyber Weapon that has been unleashed.

NotPetya is a destructive disk wiper. NotPetya will gain access to your data and render information and files useless by locking them up. NotPeya doesn't give you a chance to pay a ransom or give information it simply 'throws away the key'. While NotPetya seems to be currently focusing it's Cyber Warfare on the Ukraine there have been reports across the globe and there is no telling where it will shift it's focus next.

This is little information on how to stop NotPetya from attacking your devices. The best way to protect your data is to make sure it is backed up to cloud space or an external device. It is also unclear what NotPetya is trying to achieve or how they will use the information it has.

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