Big Changes for Hulu

2017 has been a big year for Hulu!

Live TV - Hulu now offers LIVE TV to its subscribers! You can tune into your favorite LIVE sports, news, entertainment, and more! Subscribing to Hulu LIVE will also give you unlimited access to the Hulu streaming library. Hulu LIVE is $39.99 a month. Check out the channel lineup:

The Hulu LIVE subscription will allow you to watch on up to 2 screens simultaneously but also gives you the option to pay a little more and have unlimited screens! You can also add on a Cloud DVR to record all your favorite shows and watch them when you want!

HBO & CINEMAX - Recently, Hulu announced that you can now add HBO and CINEMAX to your subscription! HBO will tack on $14.99 and CINEMAX $9.99 - this is even cheaper than most cable companies can offer it!

Hulu offers not only original content and a massive streaming library but also LIVE TV you can take anywhere and Premium Channels such as HBO, CINEMAX, and Showtime! You get all that PLUS the optional DVR! What are you still doing with traditional cable! Go OTT with Hulu!

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