Maximizing your WiFi Speed

Slow WiFi can be annoying. Just because your WiFi is sluggish doesn't mean your internet is! So many things can affect your WiFi and we've come up with a few things you can tweak to improve your connection.


Where is your router? Placement of your router can really affect your connection! Metal objects and even fish tanks can stop WiFi signal in its tracks. Try to place your router in an open area where you and your family are most likely to use it most. Routers are not always pretty but placing them in the basement or a closet is going to cause frustration.


When's the last time you updated your router software? Routers are a piece of equipment that can become outdated. If you're not in a position to purchase a new router - try updating your software. Just like your phone and computer your router needs regular software updates that you may not be doing.

Change the Channel

Your WiFi works on a set frequency. Sometimes, if left on the default frequency, 'traffic' can get congested because lots of people are using the same frequency. If you're experiencing slow WiFi try changing your channel frequency. If you have a dual band router you can be a little more advanced in your channel changing.

Bandwidth Control

It's amazing how many devices you have connected to your WiFi! Each of these devices eat up a little of your bandwidth even if you're not using them! One way to control this is to turn off connected devices when they are not being used. Think about what's happening in your house when you're having a hard time getting a connection. Is someone watching Netflix? Online Gaming? These things are bandwidth hogs. If you have a lot of devices doing a lot of heavy streaming you may need to consider increasing your speeds to support your needs.

Not sure if it's your WiFi or your internet giving you trouble? Try bypassing your router. This means plugging your ethernet cord directly into a device instead of your router. You can then run a speed test and make sure you're getting the speed you need. Then try plugging your router back in and run speed tests on your wireless devices and compare the two. If you get poor speed on your WiFi but a good connection when you're plugged in direct you may need to do some adjusting! If you've tried all the above suggestions and still can't get the WiFi coverage and speed you want it may be time to look into a mesh network. Have questions? Want a mesh network? Give us a call at (574) 223-2191.

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