Latest iOS Update & Battery Drain

Have you upgraded to the new iOS11 yet? Is your battery mysteriously draining - fast? It’s not you!

The days following a new update of iOS, your device is busy doing all sorts of 'housekeeping'. Most all of your apps have updates, so iOS is actively downloading and installing these items in the background.

After you install a new version of iOS, it has to do “re-indexing.” During this process, iOS 11 will comb through all of the data on your device. As you can imagine, this takes a lot of processing power and can account for why your hearing stories of iPhone losing half their battery life while sitting idle.

The good news is that both of these things are temporary! After a few days, you should see battery life return to normal. If you're still seeing battery drain try these tips!

1. Do a battery check

Go into Settings > Battery.

Scroll down to the bottom and you’ll see two numbers, one for Standby and one for Usage.Your Usage number should be lower than your Standby number. If it’s not,

jot down your Standby and Usage times.Let it sit for five minutes and then check the numbers again.If your Standby time is five minutes higher, you’re in good shape, but if your Usage time has bumped up by a more than a minute it’s a sign that your phone isn’t resting like it should.

2. Greedy Apps

Head to Settings > Battery.

You will see a list of apps and their impacts on your battery life. The fastest way to deal with these battery hogs is to get rid of them.There are some apps you can't do without so try adjust their settings so they stop using battery when you’re not actively using them:

General > Background App Refresh.

Customize which apps you want to keep running by going down the list and turning them on or off. The other option you have is to only use background app refresh on Wi-Fi, instead of Wi-Fi and Cellular.

Another fix for battery greedy apps is to delete them, then reinstall and restart your phone. Sometimes, that will fix a glitch.

3. Location, Location

Letting apps keep tabs on your location is battery burner. Location services uses GPS, Bluetooth, cell tower locations and crowd-sourced hot-spots to place you on a map.

Settings > Privacy > Location Services

Here you can customize which apps you want spending effort on your location. Go down the list and switch to While Using or Never.

Most apps set to default Always, so you have to set this most every time you download a new app or there’s an update.

At the end of all of your apps in Location Services, you’ll see System Services. Check this to see what’s used your location in the last 24 hours.

Battery life has been an ongoing issue for smart phone users. Search the internet for other tips and tricks for saving your battery!

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