Streaming 101

By now you've more than likely heard the term 'streaming'. Some of us 'stream' all of our media while some of us are still trying to figure out what 'streaming' even means!

Streaming media allows you to watch shows, movies, and listen to music on devices that have access to internet. You can stream with your laptop, smartphone, desktop, tablet, game console, and more!

So what is it?

Let's start by saying streaming is different than downloading. When you download media (movies, shows, and music) you are storing this information on your device. You are able to access this downloaded content even when you're not connected to the internet. When you stream media you can enjoy it instantly with no download time. Media will also not take up storage on your devices but it does require an internet connection.

It's easy!

You need three things to be able to stream your media: internet connection, a stream-ready device, and an app to stream your media from.

- Internet Connection

You have to have internet connection to stream media. You also need to be sure you have the speed you need! The more devices on your network and the more activity on your network can affect your streaming experience. For the best streaming experience in a multi-user household many recommend a download speed between 20-30Mbps or more. Not sure what you're download speed is? Call us at 574-223-2191! Not sure what speed would be right for you and your needs? We're happy to help with that as well!

- Stream-Ready Device

Most smart devices have the built-in capability to download streaming apps. Many even come with popular streaming apps pre-downloaded! If you do not have a Smart TV and wish to stream your media to your TV there are other options! The following streaming devices plug into most TV's with a HDMI outlet. These devices can turn your not-so- smart-tv into a streaming genius!

- Roku

- Amazon Fire TV Stick

- Apple TV

- Chromecast

RTC offers both the Roku and Fire TV in office. We're happy to help you with these streaming devices!

- Streaming App

Once you have an internet connection with the speed you need and a streaming device you just need a streaming app! There are tons of streaming apps available. Some offer free streaming media while others require a subscription. Some popular subscription based streaming apps include; Netflix, Hulu, PlayStationVue, SlingTV, and Amazon Video. RTC has recently partnered up with PlayStationVue and we are happy to help you get started! If you're an RTC Cable Subscriber you also have access to many network streaming apps via WatchTVEverywhere! This is a FREE service offered to our cable customers!

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