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Policies and Agreements

Rochester Telephone Services 

Rochester Telephone Co., Inc.
Public Notice

Rochester Telephone Company, Inc., provides the following basic telecommunications services throughout its designated serving area:

  • Single-party voice-grade service with connectivity to the public switched network;
  • Local exchange service including local usage free of per-minute charges;
  • Dual tone multi-frequency signaling;
  • Single party revertive calling;
  • Access to emergency services;
  • Access to operator services;
  • Access to inter-exchange service;
  • Access to directory assistance;
  • Toll blocking and 900 number blocking options without charge to qualified low-income customers.

Basic services are offered at the following rates:

Single-Party Residence Service $17.42/month*

Single-Party & Multi-Line Business Service $18.70/month*

Residential & Business Federal Subscriber Line Charge – Single Line $6.50/month

Business Federal Subscriber Line Charge – Multi-Line $9.20/month

Business Access Recovery Charge – Single Line $2.50/month

Business Access Recovery Charge – Multi-Line $3.00/month

Residential Touch Tone Service No Charge

Business Touch Tone Service No Charge

*The above rates do not include charges for long distance, operator services, Directory Assistance, 911 emergency services, or other taxes, fees and surcharges.

Discounts are available to low-income customers who qualify for participation in the Lifeline telephone assistance program.

For information concerning this program, please call Rochester Telephone Co., Inc., at 574-223-2191 or 1-888-374-1900 or visit us at 117 W 8th St., Rochester, IN  46975 or click here: Lifeline Assistance Program.

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