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High Speed Fiber
Internet in Akron, IN

Speed of light fast.

Fiber optic cable carries data at the speed of light. Get up to 1,000 Mbps (1 Gig!).

RTC Fiber will make your old connection feel like dial-up.

Fiber can handle Indiana weather.

It's unaffected by radio wave interference, can be submerged in water without issue and is not susceptible to harsh temperatures. Fiber does not waver with strong winds, cloudy skies, or heavy rainfall. That kind of reliability helps deliver excellent quality internet, video, and phone!

Fiber can protect you from internet thieves.

Fiber optic cable keeps data secure. It is very difficult to tap into and gather data without alerting our network operations team to an attack.

Why Fiber?

Why Gig?

Gig at Home.

Phones, tablets, computers, SmartTV, Smart homes and the list keeps growing! New Tech is developed each day to digitize much of our daily routine. Over time, adding devices to our home network leads to slower connections. Gig internet prepares you for anything! You can stream 4k content, enjoy virtual reality gaming, and full-home automation. Leave wait times and buffering in the past - prepare for the future. 

Gig at Work.

Gig Cities are a magnet for innovation and economic development. Kick office productivity into overdrive and use seamless telecommunications for a more sustainable environment. RTC Business Services offer state-of-the-art peace of mind and exceptional value that will keep pace as your business grows.

Why RTC?

Buy Local.

RTC has been locally owned and operated since 1896. We take pride in our local service, local investment, and local support. Our decision are made right here, with this community's best interests in mind.

Gig City.

RTC is a proud part of a network of communities that have each committed to keeping pace with the world's rapidly changing information technology-driven economy. We can offer you the fastest speeds at a great price.

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