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Our Mission

RTC will continue to evolve to be on the leading edge of technology, driven by today’s changing world, while providing customer service that surpasses all competition.

Our Vision

Our vision at RTC is to deliver tailored communication solutions that empower and enhance our customers’ business and personal lives.

Our History

Born on Nov. 26, 1895, RTC was formed originally on the impetus of five leading businessmen, committed pioneers who recognized the immediate need and benefits of voice communications in the business communities of Rochester and parts of surrounding Fulton County. These businessmen set their plan quickly into motion; by May of 1896 there were 149 subscribers and the telephone calls began.
​From our modest beginnings, RTC has grown with the needs of our community. In April 1896, the first long distance call was placed. By April 1958, the company building had doubled in size to replace manual local connections with automatic dial equipment. RTC has indeed grown from those first bold customers and a single operator, hand-crank telephones and 100 shares of common stock, into one of the primary leaders in telecommunications in Indiana. RTC Currently provides service to 6,500 access lines.
As much as we appreciate our past, our eyes are focused on the future. We are committed to providing the latest products and superior service through state of the art technology and at affordable rates. That has been our heritage and we expect it will be our future.

Highlights in RTC History

November 26, 1895

Rochester Town Council granted franchise to five businessmen for establishment of a telephone company. Lyman M Brackett, Joseph A. Myers, George W Holman, Henry A. Barnhart, and Rome C. Stephenson were founders and established monthly rental fees of $2 for business phone and $1 per month for residential service. Secretary of State authorization for corporation to conduct business was dated Dec. 3, 1895.​

May 30, 1896

First switchboard located in small room at rear of Dawson building, 8th and Main streets, began active operation with 149 customers. Belle Bernetha was chief operator and served until a 1941 retirement.​

March 17, 1897

First toll line to Argos.

April 1898

First toll connection to Peru.


Common battery system installed, replacing hand crank magneto telephone systems.


The property lot at 117 West 8th Street, where the present central office building stands, was purchased.

April 1, 1927

Whippoorwill Telephone Company was purchased from Eliza Steinigner, with approximately 125 subscribers in Richland and Aubbeenaubbee Townships in Fulton County and Green and Union Townships of Marshall County.


RTC lost 15 percent of 1,600 subscribers during the Great Depression. It took until 1935 to regain those subscribers.

April 28, 1957

Dial service began. 25,000 local calls were made that day.

April 3, 1974

Worst tornado in Fulton County history struck, necessitated borrowing $150,000 from Small Business Administration of the United States to replace and repair 15 miles of pole lines and cable plant.

November 17, 1974

Direct distance dialing equipment put into service, eliminating the jobs of 33 local telephone operators.


RTC brought fiber to Rochester Community Schools.

June 1996

Celebrated 100 years of providing service to the Rochester area.

June 10, 1999

Began to offer long distance telephone service.

Mid 1999

Began providing Internet service to rural areas outside of the Rochester exchange.

September 2000

Opening of our Akron Office as a full-service provider to Akron residents and businesses. Offering local telephone service, long distance, Internet and cable TV.

March 2002

Purchased Medt Internet service in Mentone.

September 2002

RTC Board of Directors approved a $9 million dollar fiber-to-the-home project, dubbed FiberConnect, in the Rochester city and selected areas outside the city limits. Project included phone, high-speed Internet and cable TV.


Verizon LRA - S&R partnership was created to provide cellular service for Verizon for 4G LTE in 5 counties.  

November 2013

Next Generation Carrier-class Internet network began providing speeds capable of 1 Gbps


The first 7 towers go live from partnership formed in 2011 with Verizon.


Argos FTTH Project - bringing fiber to the town of Argos


MCF Founded - Marshall County Fiber.  Partnership between RTC & Marshall County REMC to provide fiber in some areas of Marshall County. RTC was awarded a CAF II grant from the state to help with this build.  


RDOF - Rural Digital Opportunity Fund:  We were awarded Federal funding to bring broadband & voice service to underserved communities in rural areas. Verizon purchased use of S&R equipment on the towers.


NLC 3 - Next Level Connections Round 3.  RTC was awarded grant money to start building fiber to all of Fulton County.  


NLC 4 - Next Level Connections Round 4.  RTC is applying to receive more grants to expand broadband to more of rural Indiana.  

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