Enjoy TV on your terms.

We understand that you still want to watch TV, just differently – we’re happy to help you with that!

Benefits of Streaming

There are a lot of different types of streaming services ranging from a single channel, to movies and prerecorded content, to live television packages mirroring traditional television. The variety often means savings and flexibility for the viewer. RTC has the Internet and tools you need to cut the cord and make the switch.


To determine if streaming is a good fit for your lifestyle, it is important to understand what programing you want to watch. Want live sports and primetime TV? You might be better off sticking with traditional cable TV. Use our channel picker to see how you can save.

Put together a streaming portfolio.

Explore the streaming world and see what apps will best fit your viewing needs.


To bring your favorite streaming services in home, you’ll need a streaming device. There are many on the market with a variety of features. Visit our Amazon shop to see which ones we recommend.

Keep your network running smoothly.

With additional devices, make sure you have the WIFI network to keep things running smoothly. A wireless router from RTC will do just the trick.

Not all products are available in all areas. RTC does not service every individual address in every area. Upon ordering products or services over the phone or online an address check is required. All product offers, availability and prices can change without notice.

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Affordable Connectivity program

Helping households have access to broadband.

By enrolling in the Affordable Connectivity Program, households can receive an Internet discount of up to $30/month. Simply complete an application at and then contact RTC to request the discount be applied to your account.