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Whether a phone line for local calling suits you or you need long distance plus all the bells and whistles, we’ve got you covered. Your calls will be crystal clear day in and day out.


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Per Month

Basic VoIP Phone

  • Includes Caller ID & Voicemail
  • Long Distance Calling at $0.03 per minute
  • Internet Required


Per Month

Unlimited VoIP Phone

  • Includes Caller ID, Voicemail, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, Voicemail to Email, Unlimited Nationwide Calling (Domestic & Long Distance)
  • Internet Required

Calling Features

Long Distance

Long Distance - Unlimited


Long Distance - 1,100 minutes


Long Distance - 600 minutes


Long Distance - 300 minutes


Long Distance - 100 minutes


Long Distance - per minute


Individual Features

Caller ID Block


Caller ID Block prevents your name and/or number from being shown on someone’s Caller ID display.

Call Forwarding


Forward your incoming calls to a new location by using Call Forward.

Call Screening


Identify who is calling and how to answer before picking up the phone.

Call Waiting


Call Waiting alerts you to another incoming call and allows you to put the first call on hold while you answer the second.

Personal Ring


Have multiple phone lines with individual rings coming into the same phone in your home.

Speed Dial


Speed Dial stores the numbers you call most often and allows you to call them by dialing only two digits.

Voicemail to Email


Receive transcribed voicemails directly in your inbox.

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Everyone needs assistance from time to time. If you could use a discount on your phone service, see if you qualify for the Lifeline program.

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