When RTC began offering telephone service to Rochester customers in 1896, human flight had not been achieved, the Model T was still decades away, and electricity was still just getting started.


120 Years later, RTC manages complex fiber optic networks streaming millions on byte of data, voice and video to meet the demands of tomorrow's consumer.  We offer a number of special features for your family home telephone service. Contact us today to get the best local service and support available.



1- Party Residence Touch           $17.42/month

Interstate Access Charge            $6.50/month

Intrastate Access Charge             $4.90/month

Statewide E911                             $1.00/month

Hearing Impaired Rel Sys             $0.03/month

Long Distance                               $0.05/minute




1- Party Residence Touch           $17.50/month

Statewide E911                            $1.00/month

Hearing Impaired Rel Sys            $0.03/month

Long Distance                              $0.05/minute



Argos is the newest addition to our Fiber Family! Instead of taking outdated technology we only offer the latest and greatest! Argos is a 100% Fiber community and can recieve phone through our VoIP offering.


Add On Features

Call Waiting

Call Forwarding


Fixed Call

Toll Restriction

Call Screening

Personal Ring


Speed Dial

Caller ID

Caller ID Block

Do Not Disturb

Call Return

3 Way Calling

Repeat Dial

Long Distance Packages

100 minutes - $1.50/a month

300 minutes - $5.00/a month

600 minutes - $10.00/ a month

1100 minutes - $15.00/ amonth

Unlimited - $20.00/a month

Important Stuff